Terry's List
Items found on Terry’s List are a one of a kind, one time purchase offer and are non-returnable.

All items are considered FIRST COME FIRST SERVED and may be sold at any time.
To purchase an item or to ask for additional information about an item, follow one of these steps: 

If you are looking at items from home or on any remote computer, click on the “Details” button and then call 360-293-4588 to purchase or ask questions. You could also select “Send E-Mail” to send an e-mail to our sales staff that you have questions about or wish to purchase an item. You Must include your phone number in the message so a salesperson from Frontier Building Supply can contact you via phone (we prefer to call you rather than respond by e-mail). If your e-mail is received during normal business hours (8am~4:30pm PST) we will make every effort to call you within 48 hours of receiving your e-mail depending on in-store traffic and personnel availability. Remember, all items are first come first served so calling us at 360-293-4588 is a much better choice than sending an e-mail.

Terry's List

Terry's List is Closed